Friday, November 12, 2010

November flowers

Four years ago today Paul (aka Pablo) and I were married. This is me holding my November bouquet...the last of the Hydrangeas and keeping the rich fall and winter colors. The same flowers were repeated on the tables with the compliment of rich blue table cloths with candles. The bouquet was actually quite heavy and I balanced it with my beverage of choice...Proseco. Today we are celebrating with written words and a quiet dinner. Hurray for love and especially for last loves!


  1. That's a beautiful pic, but I think you are even more beautiful today! Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing the pic.

  2. Happy, happy anniversary for you and Pablo, enjoy the dinner party!
    Regina, SXM

  3. what a radiant bride! congratulations on four full years and hopefully many more to come xxo

  4. Especially for last loves - no longer beginners, there is a beautiful richness - much like November.

    Heartfelt congratulations to you both!

  5. you are so beautiful
    and I add my Happy Anniversary!
    what a blessing to have love
    Enjoy your dinner and words

  6. Happy anniversary, Mary Ann! What a beautiful bridal photo- you look so happy!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Your story warmed my heart!

  8. Hurray!You sound so happy Mary Ann. Wishing you many more wonderful, romantic anniversaries.
    Lovely photo too!

  9. You look very happy and your choice of flowers very apt for November. Have a happy day.

  10. You look wonderful and in love. May you have many,many more happy yeas together.

  11. and for love that lasts. congratulations for finding love and happiness.

  12. how lovely many congratulations to you both xx

  13. Congratulations! You look so beautiful and happy and in love! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Annell, I'd like to think I'm getting better with time...thank you.

    Regina, Thank you...dinner was great...a happy evening!

    Jeane, Time is flying...more years ahead...thank you.

    Jo, Surpise, surprise...nice to receive your good wishes!

    Leslie, Yes, these fall months are such good metaphors for these later greater loves!

    Suz, Dinner and our own written words made it a special evening!

    Sharmon, It was a happy day all around...very few mishaps! smile

    Mindful Musings, I'm glad for your good wishes!

    Robyn, One of those mostly perfect days...we plan on more mostly perfect years!

    Margaret, We decided the flowers together and keeping in mind the wedding site, time of year and personal preference...negotiated these beauties.

    Diane, Thank you

    Pat, I'll be glad to just be happy...the years ahead shorten every year!

    Suki, We were both looking to love and marry helps to have the same direction.

    libithina,Thank you...we have been so pleased to have found one another.

    OTL, The glass of Proseco helped with the tired feet and the dazed look!

  15. Oh Happy Anniversary. I remember how beautiful all those flowers were but I agree with annell that you are even more beautiful today! Be blessed.

  16. Congratulations to you both! I like the way you expressed it "last loves!"