Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Walls

Actually this work is on my next door neighbor's wall. She came over with her husband for dinner about a year ago and bought it off my easel! It's mixed media on paper, approx. 16"x16". Acrylic, cloth, sewing, stones and oil pastel. This piece was the "Mother" piece to the 10 that followed. I was working with the concept of the human within the divine using abstract forms. The loose grid seemed perfect and I wanted to keep exploring ways to express this odd shaped stitched circles within squares as a way of clarifying the spiritual mix. I enjoyed that series very much and still have some pieces unsold.

I took my compass out in the garden this morning and did a meditation on the seven directions. Beginning with East, South, West, North, Sky, Earth and Inward. Didn't get too much but I did get a feeling for X marks the spot so I'll let that be my beginning. I'll try to follow this meditation before each studio day and let that be a guiding force for me and my compass. Nice....autumn, new spiritual year and new work with strong directions.

Again it's Wednesday Walls and my question is always the same "What is on your walls today"? I'm rather a nosey person and always like to see what is going on with others walls!


  1. I find the idea of seven directions rather interesting and I have to contemplate upon this further. It has been some time since I actually did any meditating.

    In regards to hat is new on the wall is that i am about to start a new canvas for a friend with whom I have reconnected with last month after forty-two years from high school. We were good friends and one day he stood up for me when it mattered and I finally had a chance to tell him how much that had mattered. This painting is to say thank you since words are so temporary.

    Enjoy your remainder of the week.

  2. A beautiful piece,,no wonder it sold hot off the easel!
    As for my walls,,,it changes with what I'm doing. Right now you could see the one that is currently on my blog.
    Along with a couple of collages of Jack.
    (of course)

  3. What a nice idea! The painting is fantastic.

  4. Great piece. It's nice to pay a visit and find your artwork in a prominent place in someone's home. I have visited friends only to find my artwork in their bathrooms. Hmmmmm.

    My walls are a mess. I have my work (old and new), photos, ceramic pieces, sculpture, mirrors, drawings, paintings, etc. It's quite chaotic but I love every piece.

    Even my bathroom has some nice artwork. I guess I should not be offended to find my work in others' bathrooms.

  5. beautiful colors and shapes. my walls are blank right now.

  6. I have been trying to meditate-- get into the habit of meditating for some time-- even ordered a DVD thinking that might help and haven't even opened up the DVD ha ha.
    anyway, great way to start a day in the studio..

  7. Oooh, love it - those colours sing.

  8. I see this as the basic elements of life, assembled together for a town meeting. To see if they can ever have intelligent life on this planet. I guess, their answer was a yes, because we are trying, arn't we?
    The colors are really wonderful and the shapes are as well. Good, intriging work. Really demands a second and third look.

  9. Ah, seven directions, I like that. i do the 4 directions, within, above, below, and around. Guess that is 8. Love the turquoise and the grid. Feels good to find a piece of yourself in another's home. My main wall is almost empty as i have been hanging silks for photos and then folding them up. My son of 32 left a playtoy bug on the wall...throw it and it sticks given to him by a friend of mine who has known him for all his life. I think he wanted that gift and forgot it. i only noticed it now when you asked what was on my walls.

  10. Egmont, Good luck with your new painting and with such a special connection to your past. I have often wondered about high school mates and how their lives have been lived.

    I belong to a meditation group and we meet once a week which keeps my heart and mind grounded...I think. The seven directions is an extra inner look.

    Babs,Some people live with the same art on their walls and others change it out regularly...I like your new piece!

    B&W, Thank you...if I miss it I pay her and the art a visit! ha

  11. Kim,I have art in every room as well, bathrooms included. Living with art on the walls is so special to everyday life...enriches for sure.

    Suki, Thank you. Sounds like it won't be long before you have your very own walls! Good luck on your home adventure!

    Donna, It isn't easy putting a practice into place. I began meditating years ago in a group...that helped!

  12. Cathsheard, Thank you for dropping by and I will pay you a visit as well.!

    Pat, I so appreciate your thoughtful comments...I was seeing a catacomb thing for awhile...rows of spaces.

    Maggie, I like your directions...significant places.

    Sounds like you use your walls as staging areas...Love the bug discovery! ha

  13. It's a wonderful piece - so organic. I've always been drawn to grids and multiples. Who was it that said: "Do something. Do it again"?

    I like the Wednesday Walls concept very much - I'm going to try and remember it. Coincidentally, part of my posting was what's on a friend's wall too.

  14. Hi Mary Ann: I like this piece very much, especially the loose grid. Also I am intrigued by the 7 directions - including inward. Yesterday I had a great meditation - walking on the Pacific Ocean beaches. The sound of the waves - incessant, never ending - that is a perfect mantra for me. I hope to go back and get more Ocean time soon. It cleanses my mind like nothing else can.

  15. still another wonderful magical intriguing piece! vibrates with life - about walls, i, too, always have art on every wall - and some windows - some on the floor - some hung - some just sitting - the bathrooms and kitchen are no exception!

    thanks for sharing your work and yourself - jenean

  16. Patrice, The grid seem to work for so many of us!
    Yes, some Wednesday post some photos of your walls. We all live with beauty, I believe our homes are like personal galleries.

    Oh Leslie, You have had your mind and heart awash with waves and sand...never can have too much beach time.
    The meditation seems to be turning me around in many ways...I like it.

    Jenean, I'm ready to see your beautiful walls, floors, windows when you are...any Wednesday!Ha

    Thank you for your comments, I'm floating on words like magical, intriguing and vibrates with life!!