Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unresolved for now

This piece has stood neglected for weeks. It measures 18" x 18" on Rives BFK, mixed media. I had a vision of an ancient dashboard...a mystical discovery. After so many weeks, I felt reconnection had to begin with writing. Below is what came of a long morning writing about my vision and emotional connection:

[Abandoned parts of a near whole
Ornaments of glory relegated to a sand burial.
Only now giving answers to puzzles of ancient voyagers
A key to the lust of exploration of the unknown
Dials, meters, arrows pointing to heavens lost roads
Remnants of one equation explaining all equations...nothing is ever lost in matters that concern the heart.]

I feel better and more "on target". I've cleaned up my work table and willing to begin again. Everything about this piece needs working...composition, colors and shapes to name a few. Finally I'm engaged and looking forward to working again. I'm back listening to Dylan's new CD and all is well here at the beach today!


  1. Your poetic commentary is very fitting to the artwork displayed. Like you, I too have works in various stages of progress, finding that a pause helps to discover the the artworks final course.
    I look forward to seeing the progression of your journey.

    In the meantime I will add you to my blog roll on my second blog and tell you that we will be in Santa Cruz tomorrow because my daughter is moving in to the dorm at the University of Santa Cruz.

  2. Mary Ann, this is how blogging about your work is so wonderful. Feedback is so important when you are uncertain. Though you are unsure about this piece, I have to say this could be my favourite of all your work that I've seen. Whenever a work speaks to me I get butterflies in my stomach and the butterflies are definitely fluttering.
    Writing about anything that I'm unsure of especially my art, seems to bring some sort of clarity. I like your morning writing about this piece.....relegated to sand burial....ancient voyagers...lost roads.

  3. Blue seems that I am a fan of your work at the stage it is. I'm looking forward to getting back to the studio in early Oct when my consulting gig is over. PS..also enjoyed the poetry.

  4. Ah, I too have many unresolved pieces. I had one surface yesterday and worked on it ...felt good to see a direction for working on this piece. Today I will look again. Some things take time, don't rush it.
    My son is visiting Santa Cruz for a few days before he gets here for a visit. He works in Cameroon, Africa.

  5. Thanks for the visit. I like this unresolved for now piece. Has promise.

  6. Mary Ann it is in a beautiful place to work from!

  7. What a wonderful idea--- mystical dashboard-- fits the words you wrote.

  8. Beautiful stage of work! Nice poetic commentary!

  9. "An ancient dashboard"--this does feel Egyptian to me. At one time my daughter wanted to be an Egyptologist, perhaps inspired by a visit to the Tut exhibit.

    And here you are, excavating ancient equations in your own painting!

  10. I had to come back for another look because the thumbnail pic in my sidebar looks so good. I really love it!

  11. Love the colors. sort of like a dead Mercury '48 or '49 color. What all the boys were crazy about in the late '50's early '60's. You seem to be driving in the right direction, and what you journal about seems to be uncovering where you want to go, just drive!!!!

  12. i know this piece is unfinished, but I love it... your ancient dashboard is beautiful to me! roxanne

  13. That is a very interesting piece with so much sense of mystery about it... and I like your words that go with it, very fitting.

  14. great "fan" mail for a great piece, and your writing too..."a key to the lust of exploration"...brava! as you get into dylan's new work and appreciate the day. the comments will give you fresh eyes and renewed 'lust' to explore this piece further, OR NOT!!! see it with new eyes maybe.

  15. van Dyck, The weather was perfect in the afternoon for your visit to Santa Cruz...hope you had a chance to look around the campus.
    I'm looking forward to moving this piece to it's next stage.

    Robyn,So true about this blogging life, feedback is a bonus and I appreciate your I need to get to work to find butterflies! ha

    Lia, October will be here soon for your studio return! Thank you for your comments.

    Maggie, Unresolved pieces are part of the artists life!
    Your son is all over the globe...Santa Cruz (still hot here!)will be a fun rest stop before heading for the other coast!

  16. Found Among Objects, thank you, I'm all for promise in art!

    Katherine,Thank you, I'm ready to take it to where it needs to go!

    B&W, Thank you, words have a way of guiding the way for me.

    San, Artists...we get to excavate, discover, create and recreate...that's our job!

    Robyn, I looked at this piece in a thumbnail and it looked a lot better as a thumbnail than a larger piece?!

  17. I really like what you have so far! It reminds me of the Antikythera Mechanism, which I've been fascinated with for over a year now...some of my recent color choices and textures have come from that mysterious chunk of corroded bronze with gears and Greek...

  18. I completely agree with Artpropelled!
    I sighed when I read you had so many changes in mind.
    I feel it needs so little,,if anything at all.
    But I'm sure the artist within you knows best,,,,hoping you'll show it when finished.

  19. Laura J, Too amazing! I have had a photo of the famous Antikythera Mechanism tucked away in one of my folders. The green corrosion is outrageous and the gears beautiful!

    Babs, It will probably settle into the slide show on the sidebar. I worked on it and made many small changes.

  20. hey let me know if this works! i left a post on the kitchen one too. it's really interesting to see what eveyone writes. yea so let me know if this pops up!

  21. It popped up! You seem to have time on your hands...what is it Wednesday afternoon? ha Thanks for dropping in!

  22. its interesting, the words you write, the culling into the soul of your vision via language and then the art you manifest.

    Abandoned is your first word... and everyone loves your art as it is, though you feel you have left it "unfinished" (at least at this point)...

    "nothing is ever lost
    on matters that concern the heart."

    beautiful teaching from your heart, active in your life, i think.

    i enjoy your blog very much.

  23. Mary Ann, would you mind if I used this image in a blog post?