Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gold Beads

The challenge for me this week is working on these small 6"x6" wood panels. I've decided to go for the gold ... a hot bright morning blessing is my first and the second will be a moonlight blessing. Not sure yet about the sun stamps ... I'm also creating a silk screen sun so I'll need to decide as well as the mosaic cloth. Definitely will use up this tube of gold beads ...Oh, these old fingers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrating White

1.The first piece is a mixed media piece on paper and a part of my 'sacred vessel' series. It represents all the moonlit nights of my life. I rarely place white on my palette let alone paint big spaces of white so this is a rare use of white for me.
2. I had planned on one day creating a series on snowflakes. I've kept this photo in my files for years but so far no series.
3. I created this wreath to celebrate my life here at the beach with an 'all season' door wreath. I collected some of the shells and bought others. The straw base was painted white with blue wrapping to represent the ocean and waves.
4. As I was cleaning out my studio the other day I happened upon these two gessoed panels measuring 6"x6" and a 12"x12" (not shown here). I guess I'm not done with my mosaic series after all ... the work begins tomorrow!
If you are interested in seeing more WHITE for Roy G Biv day check out Jennifer Coyne Qudeen for more sites! I'm not sure what is next or maybe this is the end of the search?!

Monday, October 6, 2014

"The Last Mosaic"

12"x12" wood panel, flour paste resist on painted fabric, printed fabric, metallic paper (palm tree trunks), hand carved stamps, ruby red glass beads, rope and ribbon trim, knotted discarded rust dyed twine, hand stitching and machine stitching.
The third in this mosaic series on wood panel. This combining of colors gives me a feeling of a hot desert sunset. So grateful these three have guided me through my holidays and now I'm on the other side of my spiritual new year. The hieroglyphs are carved from a child's kit sold by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was trying to spell out my new word "enough" but I printed backwards and now who knows what this says?! The word "enough" seems to be a good word as it fits with what I've been writing about lately in my journal.
Cold temperatures are being reported ... we are having our autumn heat wave but soon that will change. I've taken a walk in the woods, at the beach and around the neighborhood and the new season is here and beautiful ... now we could use some old fashioned rain!