Monday, June 20, 2016

New Toys

I have been solar printing with one bottle of color....sepia. Now I ordered a Jacquard kit which includes three colors so now the fun might begin here in this new week, new summer, new work, full moon and yes, with new toys. I copied some instructions from the internet and I have a few YouTube films to watch and if that doesn't confuse me too much, I will start up my own play!"Ancient Garden"

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sunny Days

Following the notes from my last post: I magically chose two story suggestions and three application suggestions. Not limiting myself to just these but allowing them to act as a beginning for new work. Above photo is an easy sun print using Jacquard Solar Fast in sepia. I love picking up items at the art supply and then just waiting for some free studio days to explore. I'm also using this sepia for painting on fabric and maybe later use it for negative (need to read instructions) transfers onto cloth. I used small olive tree leaves for the ones above and I like them all but especially the indigo piece. My only difficult right now is a sunny day. Yesterday was warm and bright sun but today the fog has rolled in so I'm out of luck for play. The perils of living at the beach!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ruin III

20"x8" and framed 16"x24", Stitched the three pieces together and floated on a white mat board and then framed the piece with a white metal frame. This has a strong contrast between the soft almost tattered cloth with the hard edge white metal and glass frame...I like it and it holds up well in overhead lighting. The three levels speak well to me as a vertical spiritual journey.
I have already begun new work. This time to prevent indecision, I placed several of my different 'ideas to explore' on folded sheets of paper and yes, put them in a bowl, closed my eyes and Magically I picked out my next new assignment! I did the same thing with applications such as flour paste printing, silk printing, stencils,etc and did the whole 'bowl' thing but this time picked several papers as I will combine and layer to begin the new cloth piece. Now this works for me because I get so caught up and excited about explorations that I wander around for days in the studio.
This way I'm excited and looking forward to next steps...see you on the other side!