Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lessons in Faux Leather

Loved learning how to make this faux leather from brown paper and had to find a way to use it for the purpose of rolling up a piece of cloth as in ancient times. I used a beautiful cloth (I received from a giveaway at Connie Rose's blog} with a special note tucked between and wrapped this beautiful leather and attached it with rust string and beads and a key. The beads have sentimental value for me as they were the remains of a necklace from years gone by. Will I ever get to the bottom of my collection of stuff?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

First becomes Last

"First Becomes Last", 12"x14", assorted tea stained cloth, hand and embroidery stitching, muslin backing.
Mixed feelings about this one. I feel I've accomplished an old rather found piece due to the tea staining and the whimsy of the rolled up night sky gives me some magic. I'm pleased with the all over stitching as well as learning some new ways...feather stitch! I had stitched the beginning squares and rectangles together rather than machine and again I enjoyed slowing down and taking on a slow process of stitching. The title represents my first effort in this oasis series and the fact it just may become more of a sampler rather than the ancient journey in the desert. I had hoped to roll it up like a scroll in a faux leather paper but color and size just didn't work out. It's all a back and forth unfolding and I don't always get my way!
Not sure who stops by to visit or if all this personal explanation is even being read but it helps me clarify in a journal/sharing way. I realize the less wordy sites are more the photo with less and less words...answer with less and less words. I posted to Facebook from my phone for the first time and needed to keep it short because of the tiny keyboard...we are all in a hurry!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Approaching New Ways

I've gathered together some blue, brown and yellow pieces....set up a comfortable (for me) composition and for now, I'll be stitching away. I've pulled out my stitching book and taught myself (left side) the basic feather stitch. My plans don't go much further as the story has just begun. I am stitching to a layer of loose weave fabric as well as muslin and I'm willing to change that as I move along. Beads? maybe. A background fabric? maybe. Paper? maybe. I love options and I'm sure as I progress there will be more. Mainly, I'm stitching as each piece demands and trying not to speed up or over think what I'm doing.
My son is visiting with his wonder dog Gus so I will be stitching when those quiet moments arrive. Happy Monday!