Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Walls of Heaven 1"

10"x10", rusted cloth, stamped cotton, bronze beads, bronze iron on paper, hand and machine stitching.

I began this piece with rust stained cloth pieces and pretty much after first steps, I found myself in "rescue" mode. I ran into big trouble trying to apply a rusty/bronze paper with my iron...very mottled and it continued from there...after about a hundred attempts at this or that, I finished (quit). The beads do add a nice sparkle and I think I've come through this effort with inspiration to continue creating with ancient walls as my subject. Something I'm willing to consider down the road. All in all, I'm ready to clean the studio table and begin yet another exploration.


  1. A wonderful exploration indeed, and I really like the mixture of fabrics, textures, beads, and stitches. No doubt this will inspire some new and fantastic visions!

    1. Thank you Sharmon...this was one of those pieces that I threw everything I had at and finally declared it done??!! Yes, I think its main function has been to inspire me to look at the idea of ancient walls as a series. I've been watching a PBS show about finding ancient villages in remote areas of Afghanistan.

  2. p.s. I love the idea of ancient walls....

  3. So much to love here Mary Ann, the warm rusty colors and your patterns, the red stitching and the beads... the PBS show sounds enticing to me too!

  4. Just had to stp by for a closer peek.. Just beautiful!