Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Nightfall at the Citadel"

Before large cities and their grids that electrify the night there were nights with different views of the sky. Alive with colors opaque or as thin as smoke, planets and stars shining like precious colored stones. "Nightfall at the Citadel" surprised me as I had a very different beginning approach but as I collaged this, painted that, everything became walls and windows. To me, reflecting ethereal dreams or fading shadows.The silence of night, hardly a sound but an occasional angel song or faint footsteps on the staircase between many worlds...imagination runs wild in the dark  The fragrance sweet in the still night air. Rest at the Citadel would be imperative, the deafening silence, the comfort of silk and wool rugs and pillows. A perfect darkness and healing time for every tired bone. 20"x20" Rives BFK, collage, acrylic, graphite, glazes, molding paste.

Our neighborhood pool association is having a holiday BBQ and is taking the menu a step up....grilled salmon. We just refinished the concrete surrounding our pool and will be upgrading the bathrooms and showers in the adjoining cabana. With gas prices so high, I think my neighborhood pool will be my new staycation! I'm staying home and staying happy.  Have a great holiday!


  1. I haven't seen it many times, but those times when I've been somewhere far away from cities, the night skies have been wonderful. I love the stone colour in your piece.

  2. Very beautiful, moody and mysterious... I love the windows, revealing glimpses of other worlds.
    If this were a dream, it looks to be a wonderful one...

  3. I love the title, sometimes words are so wonderful in themselves. Have many layers... You have chosen well. Have a happy, happy around the pool! You have all you need, no reason to go anywhere. I will be at home in the studio today, hope to put something on the barbie later. Later this week I have to serve jury duty, so will try to get in as much painting as possible the beginning of the week.

  4. With your words and images, you've evoked a wonderful tale of Middle Eastern magic. When I looked at the creamy salmon of the walls, I felt like I was somewhere in sunny Morocco--or perhaps ancient Persia. What a great escape!

  5. yes a different world. a taste of that up here as very few lights. no street lights on these roads. very quiet.

    your work is so distinctive. if i saw one of your paintings somewhere i would know it before i saw the name!

    nothing wrong with staying right at home for vacation. there is a healer i see sometimes up here who had bought a little cabin, then later married and now lives up the road a bit in a real house. but she and her husband "vacation" at the cabin about a mile down the road. I think it is so funny.

  6. I love the colors and composition of this piece. Very nice. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, my friend.

  7. Annie, My son is living in the desert and says the sky is an amazing light show!

    Sharmon, I like the dream idea...the space between worlds of sleep and awake.

    Annell, Glad the title speaks to you. Our holiday was great although the wind made it difficult to hold onto fly away napkins, cups etc!!
    Good luck with jury duty!

    Hannah, I'm glad this piece took you to exotic places. My vision is a series on rest at the Alhambra which brings up the Middle Eastern designs and colors...all magical!

    Suki, I would imagine you have quite a sky show in the country. I am a homebody so staycations are my favorite destination...more time to imagine travels.

    Tess, Thank you...five more on this subject of oasis/Alhambra.
    You have the delight in family close enough for long holiday weekends...true blow-out fun!

  8. I'll take a room with a view any day. Even if the physical view from each room is the same / similar I like to think this depicts how different people see the same thing differently - if that makes sense. Very thought provoking piece!
    What the heck with this weather - rain and cold as we enter June - pish-posh I'm done with it. :-)

  9. This is extremely evocative and the writing wants me to turn off the lights of the city and see what you see.
    I CAN smell the night odors of cooking and incense. Isn't it wonderful the ideas that paintings can create?

  10. This piece just reminds me of everything exotic....the colors are so lush and rich....quite like imagining I am at the casbah, somewhere in Algiers....

  11. "an occasional angel song" You express yourself so eloquently, and your painting is like a beautiful dream.

  12. I'm no longer surprised by the beauty you create..look forward to the gems you produce!

  13. Karen, Trying for the dream image...see you in the lobby!

    Pat, I so agree about the everyday sights, smells and textures playing an important part in creating!

    OTL, I think our dream images are more exotic than the reality...that is a good thing!

    Roxanne, We would have made great playmates as nice to read your comment.

    Lyn, Your words give me courage when the creating part hits the wall!